About Us

Samara Clothing is a line of high-quality womenswear for all occasions created by designer Nicole Hood.

Based in Seattle, the line was launched in April 2008 at New York Fashion Academy where graduating designers presented their collections in a fashion show. Since then, Samara Clothing designs have been seen at Seattle's Eco and Boho Fashion shows in 2008, and were also mentioned in an article for Seattle Magazine's online edition.

Designer Nicole Hood earned a certificate of mastery from New York Fashion Academy in Seattle's ballard neighborhood, and has always envisioned pursuing a career related to fashion design. She first started designing in childhood. She learned how to sew before she could read, and spent most of her free time designing and creating clothes and accessories for her dolls, her sister, and herself. Fabric and sewing are the medium with which she can truly reveal her artistic vision, and years of practice have only improved the skills from that initial interest in fashion. Nicole's experience includes numerous freelance sewing, patternmaking, and design jobs, working as a costumer in college, seamstress at a bridal shop, and as an intern in the design department of a large locally based retailer. All of these experiences have reinforced the ideal that every person should wear clothing that correctly fits and flatters the individual shape of their own body. While Samara Clothing is designed for women with curves, we encourage purchasers to contact Samara Clothing to make an appointment to ensure the garment will suit their body shape.